Adrienne Kerr

Web Developer

Field Guide

With Field Guide, you can create or browse custom guides to your city and share them with friends.

Built using Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, the Foursquare API and Leaflet.


Meet new people with shared interests and activities all at the simple click of a button on Listo.

Built using Ruby on Rails, Faye and the Foursquare and Cloudinary APIs .

Dominion Girl:
Advanced Deck Shuffler

The game Dominion requires 10 randomly chosen action cards for the setup phase of the game. Dominion Girl allows users to customize which expansions to pull the 10 cards from.

Built using Javascript, Node, Express, AWS and cheerio web scraper.

Jungle Movies

Search for you favorite movies and add them to your watchlist on Jungle Movies!

Built using Javascript, Node, Express, and the OMDB API.

Virtual Cat Cafe

Welcome to Cat Cafe! Come in and stay awhile. Browse the cats and add your own. Purrchase a coffee or play a game.

Built using Ruby on Rails and the Flickr API.